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Online Betting Payments

Betting, like gambling and Forex, is a high-risk industry. Thus, getting a merchant account from a bank might be complicated. It becomes more challenging if a business is new or registered offshore.
Clients, from their side, might experience such issues like the absence of a proper way to deposit or withdraw funds, high fees, long transfer times.
STICPAY offers appropriate solutions for both sides: betting service providers and their clients.
For betting and casino websites, STICPAY offers merchant account services. With a merchant account, the business gets a convenient API and the supporting documentation.

Payment Gateway for Betting

STICPAY payment gateway for betting allows betting service providers to accept payments and pay winnings fast and securely. It offers the following benefits:

  •     User's can withdraw funds to their STIC Card
  •     Safe transactions
  •     No need to deal with clients’ sensitive information
  •     An opportunity to deal with multiple currencies

STICPAY payment gateway functions as a mediator between the payment processor and any transaction on the business` website.

Online Betting Payment Methods

Betting websites accept a lot of payment methods. STICPAY offers a reliable payment service for bets, which provides more security than, for example, conventional e-wallets. No additional charges are involved, just those for the payment processing.
For customers, it means a convenient option to fund their betting accounts and withdraw money safely and fast. For example, withdrawal to a STICPAY card occurs instantly, and the card is valid in many countries.
and can be used just like a normal bank card. Compared to other online betting payment methods, STICPAY offers a much safer and convenient option.

Payment Processor and Services

STICPAY payment processor for betting enables a betting services provider to perform all the transaction-connected activities: accept deposits, store them, pay winnings, and similar.
The payment processor communicates with both the merchant account and the payment gateway. It sends information in both directions and makes the transactions happen.