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Reddit is a social news website that is often called the front page of the Internet.

Today it is difficult to find a business that would not advertise itself on Facebook or
Instagram. But the truth is that getting noticed on these platforms is not that simple as it was
before. However, I’ll tell you a secret: there are other, still untraveled paths. And, if the business
activity is focused on the US market, you should be there as well.

1. WT * is Reddit?

Reddit is a social news website that is often called the front page of the Internet. I agree, they
are very upfront about it, but it is nonetheless true. By SimilarWeb, Reddit ranks number 10 in
the US and number 25 in the world’s list of popular websites. The platform boasts 8 million
unique views per month and 234 million users.
Reddit is a unique social network with its own features: for example, on Reddit, no one is
interested in the number of your friends and who they are, but the content you share with others
and what informational benefits you bring to network users is of great importance.

2. What is the benefit of posting on Reddit?

The users of this network are a young, educated audience interested in technology, innovation,
and what is happening in the world. According to studies provided by the American analytical
PewResearch Center, a typical person of the network user is an American, whose average age is
35 years old, with an annual income of $70,000. How do you like this target market?
Reddit consists of highly specialized topics - “subreddits.” And before you start planning an
advertising activity, you need to study in detail the target subreddits for the product.
To search for targeted subreddits, use the internal search (by keywords), content search (the
search gives a list of subreddits by the number of keyword references), or the
Reddit is not the easiest platform for work, but it has huge potential for promoting products
and attracting traf ic from the United States.

3. Where to start?

First, to work with the network you need to become a “redditor” - that's what netizens call
themselves. I warn you: one registration will not be enough. You will have to spend time
familiarizing yourself with the general rules of the platform, and separately, with the rules in
subreddits that are relevant to the topic, because they can be very specific for different
In order to start effective marketing, you need to have a couple of accounts with karma above
100m (comment karma), for some subreddits like r/cryptocurrency, you need at least 500
comment karma. Creating an account with such karma can take months, so it makes sense to
find freelancers on Upwork or order promotion services on Reddit, for example, here you can order a post for $5 and accounts for marketing from $10.
Once you have found a suitable subreddit, take the time to study it so that you do not have to
spend time on subreddits that no one visits. See how active the community is, pay attention to
the number of users, the latest link updates, how actively the news is commented on.
In short, the main activity of the platform is to post links, texts, and write comments. Also,
“redditors” can vote “for” (upvote) or “against” (downvote) links. They can also comment
depending on whether they liked the information you shared and whether they agree with your
opinion. These votes are very important: the more positive votes a link receives, the higher it is
in the list, thereby it gets the opportunity to get into the top positions - where everyone would
like to be.
For your post not to be lost among thousands of others, you need to try to get as many upvotes
as possible in the first hour and put the post in the hot section. You can use the network of your
old accounts with karma or, again, order services from freelancers on Upwork or in other
services. For example, at you can get quick votes for 10 minutes, the price
of such services will start from $3. And here you can rent reddit upvote bot - this is an online
panel where you can get from 1 to 100 votes for any number of your posts within the rental
Also, these votes affect the karma of users: the more “for” votes you have, the more points there
are in karma.
“Karma” is a kind of identifier of user activity and status on the network, formed on the basis
of how often you comment, like, and post information. Some subreddits, for example, do not
allow links to be posted if the user does not have enough karma points.
Therefore, I recommend digging for the new and rising in popularity links and leave your
comments under them - this way you can quickly earn the initial number of points. In the future,
it’s worth concentrating only on those subreddits that suit your target audience and begin to
build communication, gain the authority and trust of users.
When working with a specific subreddit, it will be useful to view the content that the redditors
post, which topics are in the top, which links are most commented on, and try to adapt your
content based on this information.
When sharing content, be careful: try not to spam, for this, you can go into an eternal ban. And
if you post your selling content, try to comment more on other people's links. Posting the same
news in a large number of different subreddits is not worth it: it can be regarded as spam.
Follow the unspoken golden rule of Reddit, 10:1, which means that one of the 10 links should
lead to your content.
Of course, the content should be relevant, interesting, and appropriate to the subject of the
Avoid the dramatic headlines like “You won’t believe what happened after!” although users
often sin in this way. In addition, the titles should correspond to the information on the link, so
that users would not have dissonance when clicking on the link.

4. Be helpful!

There are two content options available on the platform - “Self-posts” and “Link-posts.” Use
them both, answer questions, share expert knowledge and experience, build a reputation.

“Self-posts” allow you to start a dialogue with users of the relevant subreddit and you can
show yourself as an expert in a specific area. And this type of posts helps build trust.
“Link-posts” lead to the content outside the platform. I say this again: before you post,
remember - the content should be interesting and suitable for the subreddit, try to follow the
golden rule.

5. Advertising on Reddit.

Reddit allows you to place advertising posts on targeted subreddits - in this case, your post will
be located at the top of the page. The settings are the most basic, you can target by location,
interests, and subreddits. But keep in mind that some large subreddits will have a block for
advertising and you just won’t be able to add them to the list for the target. The advertising
platform Reddit works on an auction system. The minimum promotional amount is $5, but for
an advertising campaign this amount, of course, will not be enough.

While working in the B2B section, I can say that a click costs $1 on average, although my
colleagues who promote applications said that their cost-per-click fluctuates around 10 cents.
Therefore the possibilities are endless and relatively cheap.
And of course, I must warn you: it is very likely that for the first couple of times you will screw it
up. You may even be banned, but in the end, you will surely find the perfect strategy that will
work for the product. And it's worth it!

Try to create a custom landing page for Reddit, test it, and track the traffic with Google
Test different types of headlines, content topics, and posting times.
Of course, there is not one suitable solution. Your product is unique, just like the platform itself.
Analyze. Give it a try. Do not spare your time and effort!