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The successful promotion of your ICO on Reddit

Today, ICOs are advertised everywhere, from billboards and Instagram pages to special platforms. But one of the most effective ways to promote an ICO is the self-proclaimed “front page of the Internet” Reddit.
You probably know that Reddit is one of the most popular websites on the planet that thousands of crypto enthusiasts use to promote their ICOs.
Reddit is the perfect place for advertising.
Reddit has grown a lot over the past few years. Today it is the 13th most popular website in the USA and 36th in the world.
With over 8 billion monthly page views and 200 million unique daily views, it is rightfully considered one of the best places to advertise.
Reddit has a unique sense of community, and its user base is predominantly young and technically savvy. All this makes Reddit a perfect place for crypto promotion.
Here are some tips for the successful promotion of your ICO on Reddit.
Altcoin Discussions One of the most famous categories on the website is called Altcoin Discussions, and it’s practically a message board designed for different coins, with the exception of Bitcoin. This is a great environment for letting the world know about the new cryptocurrency.
The flow of ads on Reddit will allow you to present your token to the reader. A good ad should include a resume that gives an overview of the token, purpose and supporting network.
There should also be detailed information on the maximum coin limit and a presentation of the project development team. These elements are necessary for promoting an ICO in Reddit.

Create subreddit for your coin

Before the ICO, the team must create a subreddit for their coin in order to start sharing the information and generating as much noise as possible.
It is worth noting that Reddit differs in the so-called manipulation algorithm for advertising purposes. Meaning, Reddit users can increase or decrease the rating of ads that they like or dislike.
Positions with increased attention will rise to the top of the page, while those that are less interesting will go down or disappear altogether. To create a subreddit, you will need to buy an account with a minimum age of 1 month and karma from 100, we bought them here for $10:​ ​buy reddit accounts​.
Ask Me Anything Function Many ICO teams use the Reddit Ask Me Anything community feature. It provides an opportunity for both developers and founders to inform investors about a specific coin case.
They can answer questions, solve problems, and conduct real-time Q&A sessions. In this way, Redditors can ask developers about the coin and the project and get instant answers.
This allows investors to engage in real-time organic discussion with the community.
You can buy ​reddit upvotes​ and positive reviews.
For a certain price, the message about your ICO on Reddit can be seen in a different light. Positive comments will be displayed in a visible place, and negative comments or criticism can be hidden for an additional price